Golden Wind

Back to the castle (again)

Third time's the charm

While in Brindol, the group negotiated horses to ride and possibly a land deal for their nature preserve.

Upon return to Castle Rivenroar, the heroes were confronted with a room filled with naphtha and a few hobgoblin guardians. The hobgoblins had a plan to roast the heroes alive, but they were dispatched with little difficulty. They then entered the Von Jallach crypt and after fighting some Needlefang drakes and a gnome handler, they found Adronsius, the dwarven alchemist alive, but bloody, having been beaten repeatedly by hobgoblins until his rescue.

Adronsius chose to wait at the entrance to the castle rather than continue on with the adventurers. The group then went and found the Rivenroar family crypt which was also guarded by a group of hobgoblins. After dispatching them, one additional hobgoblin and a guard drake ambushed the group. These newcomers were just as unsuccessful as the prior group and the golden wind then searched and found some treasure including a new axe for Plava. They also found evidence that the builders of this castle used to worship Vecna, an evil deity.

Who knows what the group will encounter next (hint: the DM knows)!



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