Golden Wind

Rescuing the Damsels in Distress

Together at last

Helga returned to the group with a newcomer, an Eladrin wizard named Aelfwine. He was the last survivor of another adventuring group that lost their lives trying to follow the Golden Wind.

The group searched a temple to the Raven Queen and found dire rats chewing on Mirtala, the cook. After defeating the rats, and a few gnomes, Shasvastiiib started feeling under the weather, having contracted a disease from the rats.

The group tried to ask questions of Mirtala, but found her nonresponsive and were unable to reach her no matter what they tried.

The party then found another group of goblins including a pair of nasty hexers and finally discovered where Corran’s lost love, Jalissa was being held. Jalissa was very happy to see Corran, and was exceptionally grateful to Plava for freeing her from her chains.

What will happen next? Time will tell.


Jalissa and Plava? These fleshy reproductive habits are so confusing to my flora nature.

A word from our sponsor— starting next week all orphanage residents will be offered classes in the “blind/prone fighting spear technique” as taught by critically confirmed SHAS.

Rescuing the Damsels in Distress

Golden Wind Down— It now time to watch a few golden sunsets with my adventuring allies— oh wait they’re dead. Hhhmmmm the ways of the fleshy continue to be a mystery to me. Time to learn how to use this stake of the Raven Queen’s.

Rescuing the Damsels in Distress

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