Golden Wind

Demise of the Golden Wind?

Alys, the messenger came to my office and told of the return of the Golden Wind. They were clearly the most successful of the adventuring groups sent to recover the captives taken during the goblin invasion just a few days ago. Alys said that they had recovered three more captives, leaving only one remaining, and, of course, the treasures from the Hall of Great Valor.

I went to greet them only to find that the group had suffered a horrendous blow. Lost to the group were Landen, the druid, Plava, the holy avenger and Corran, the local fisherman turned hero. Additionally, Mirtala, one of the captives had been killed.

My enemies on the council would try to use this to get rid of me. Thinking quickly, I had to move to protect my position. I told the remaining Golden Wind adventurers that unfortunately, the city would have to reclaim the loaned horses, but that they could renegotiate terms in the morning. I then started working on how to defend what had happened. Clearly the adventurers had been successful, most of the captives had been returned within a week of the invasion, that was better than we had any right to expect. Perhaps the Golden Wind can rebuild, half of them are still living, or perhaps another group can carry on where they left off.

Turning to other matters, I next had to figure out what was behind these reports of “glowing rats”…



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