Golden Wind

One up, one down

A tale of two captives

The Golden Wind adventurers find an old crypt that appeared abandoned. While searching the crypt, a door mysteriously opened. Seconds later two fiery beasts, magma claws, appeared and proceeded to attack the team. They were shortly joined by two gnomes who appeared as if out of thin air. The fight raged leaving most of the party bloodied and one just short of death, but the Golden Wind was again triumphant. After a search, they found some treasure among the dead in the crypt. They also found a prison where the aged Sertanian, was being held.

They then proceeded forward to rescue more prisoners and encountered a room with freezing zombies and a wight. Sertanian was laid low by the zombies and most of the party was grievously wounded. After defeating the undead, the party found the partially eaten corpse of Kartenix (clearly food for the undead) and some additional treasure. The valiant efforts of Helga were enough to bring Sertanian back from death’s door.

The party decided that to protect Sertanian, and to recover from their wounds, they would return to Brindol…


Fiery beasts— who knew that fleshies burn so much better than flora? Corran seemed to pull through okay; the fire in his loving heart protected him from the lava fire on his body.

Stupid frigid zombies. Good decision to go after the caster hiding in the corner like a little sprout. Fortune favored us.

One up, one down

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