Golden Wind

They came from where?!?

Returning to Rivenroar after taking Zerriska home to Brindol, the Golden Wind found a room with a tapestry showing a scene of a foreign castle. They studied it only to find that the picture was living and something was coming after them!


We are now accompanied by a goliath, named Gronde. He is easily swayed by gold (which is why I suspect he inquired about his late brother’s sword. Corran’s net was most helpful. I hpe the ghosts were not the people we were supposed to rescue (although the townspeople were just as friendly).

They came from where?!?

Wow—even ghosts and slimes/ jellies/ molds/ Jell-O’s move faster than I do. Remember companions stay behind my protective branches or you liable to get blood on your own blood on your clothes!

They came from where?!?

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