Golden Wind

Mayhem in the Toy Shop

Who was that man in red?

After awaking from a disturbing night filled with glowing rats, Corran, Helga and Plava awoke to learn of the Rat Queen, a woman who used to kill rats in the town of Brindol. Sadly, she was driven away from the town under suspicion of luring the rats into town to improve her business. They then learned that Kris, the tinker had not been seen for some time and decided to go investigate (since Landen, Shas and Grond were still sleeping).

After some time, they arrived at Kris’ house to find several diminutive toy makers at work under the control of some enchanted music boxes. Upon entering the workshop, they were attacked by some toy soldiers and soon encountered the Rat Queen herself.

They prevailed and found Kris tied up in a back office. He was dressed all in red with a white beard. He was happy to be released, actually quite jolly about the whole incident and he restored things to normal in the workshop. He then gave small tokens of his appreciation to the party before they returned to Brindol.



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