Golden Wind

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Down the hole
Back to the mushroom room

Yep—I’m not the pursuit plant in this group. I need to bring and engineer with me to make bridges over the holes in the floor.

They came from where?!?

Returning to Rivenroar after taking Zerriska home to Brindol, the Golden Wind found a room with a tapestry showing a scene of a foreign castle. They studied it only to find that the picture was living and something was coming after them!

One up, one down
A tale of two captives

The Golden Wind adventurers find an old crypt that appeared abandoned. While searching the crypt, a door mysteriously opened. Seconds later two fiery beasts, magma claws, appeared and proceeded to attack the team. They were shortly joined by two gnomes who appeared as if out of thin air. The fight raged leaving most of the party bloodied and one just short of death, but the Golden Wind was again triumphant. After a search, they found some treasure among the dead in the crypt. They also found a prison where the aged Sertanian, was being held.

They then proceeded forward to rescue more prisoners and encountered a room with freezing zombies and a wight. Sertanian was laid low by the zombies and most of the party was grievously wounded. After defeating the undead, the party found the partially eaten corpse of Kartenix (clearly food for the undead) and some additional treasure. The valiant efforts of Helga were enough to bring Sertanian back from death’s door.

The party decided that to protect Sertanian, and to recover from their wounds, they would return to Brindol…

Who has the residuum?

( Why do I have “residuum – disenchants weapons” written down on my notes? )We must find Adruncius.
Sad to hear that Cartinix is dead (eaten). I wonder if Martella helped cook him??? eww

Mayhem in the Toy Shop
Who was that man in red?

After awaking from a disturbing night filled with glowing rats, Corran, Helga and Plava awoke to learn of the Rat Queen, a woman who used to kill rats in the town of Brindol. Sadly, she was driven away from the town under suspicion of luring the rats into town to improve her business. They then learned that Kris, the tinker had not been seen for some time and decided to go investigate (since Landen, Shas and Grond were still sleeping).

After some time, they arrived at Kris’ house to find several diminutive toy makers at work under the control of some enchanted music boxes. Upon entering the workshop, they were attacked by some toy soldiers and soon encountered the Rat Queen herself.

They prevailed and found Kris tied up in a back office. He was dressed all in red with a white beard. He was happy to be released, actually quite jolly about the whole incident and he restored things to normal in the workshop. He then gave small tokens of his appreciation to the party before they returned to Brindol.

Back to the castle (again)
Third time's the charm

While in Brindol, the group negotiated horses to ride and possibly a land deal for their nature preserve.

Upon return to Castle Rivenroar, the heroes were confronted with a room filled with naphtha and a few hobgoblin guardians. The hobgoblins had a plan to roast the heroes alive, but they were dispatched with little difficulty. They then entered the Von Jallach crypt and after fighting some Needlefang drakes and a gnome handler, they found Adronsius, the dwarven alchemist alive, but bloody, having been beaten repeatedly by hobgoblins until his rescue.

Adronsius chose to wait at the entrance to the castle rather than continue on with the adventurers. The group then went and found the Rivenroar family crypt which was also guarded by a group of hobgoblins. After dispatching them, one additional hobgoblin and a guard drake ambushed the group. These newcomers were just as unsuccessful as the prior group and the golden wind then searched and found some treasure including a new axe for Plava. They also found evidence that the builders of this castle used to worship Vecna, an evil deity.

Who knows what the group will encounter next (hint: the DM knows)!

Rescuing the Damsels in Distress
Together at last

Helga returned to the group with a newcomer, an Eladrin wizard named Aelfwine. He was the last survivor of another adventuring group that lost their lives trying to follow the Golden Wind.

The group searched a temple to the Raven Queen and found dire rats chewing on Mirtala, the cook. After defeating the rats, and a few gnomes, Shasvastiiib started feeling under the weather, having contracted a disease from the rats.

The group tried to ask questions of Mirtala, but found her nonresponsive and were unable to reach her no matter what they tried.

The party then found another group of goblins including a pair of nasty hexers and finally discovered where Corran’s lost love, Jalissa was being held. Jalissa was very happy to see Corran, and was exceptionally grateful to Plava for freeing her from her chains.

What will happen next? Time will tell.

New Group Name?
Any thoughts

Does anyone have any thoughts about a new adventuring group name? We’ve gone through golden winds and silver magic items. Something in a bronze flavor perhaps? As Jarrick is a harvester for the Raven Queen, he would like something that includes Raven, Black, or Death in the title.

Demise of the Golden Wind?

Alys, the messenger came to my office and told of the return of the Golden Wind. They were clearly the most successful of the adventuring groups sent to recover the captives taken during the goblin invasion just a few days ago. Alys said that they had recovered three more captives, leaving only one remaining, and, of course, the treasures from the Hall of Great Valor.

I went to greet them only to find that the group had suffered a horrendous blow. Lost to the group were Landen, the druid, Plava, the holy avenger and Corran, the local fisherman turned hero. Additionally, Mirtala, one of the captives had been killed.

My enemies on the council would try to use this to get rid of me. Thinking quickly, I had to move to protect my position. I told the remaining Golden Wind adventurers that unfortunately, the city would have to reclaim the loaned horses, but that they could renegotiate terms in the morning. I then started working on how to defend what had happened. Clearly the adventurers had been successful, most of the captives had been returned within a week of the invasion, that was better than we had any right to expect. Perhaps the Golden Wind can rebuild, half of them are still living, or perhaps another group can carry on where they left off.

Turning to other matters, I next had to figure out what was behind these reports of “glowing rats”…


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