Oil Flasks


  • Player’s Handbook, page 222 Adventuring Gear Torch costs 1sp
  • Rules Compendium, page 272, Improvised Weapons Ranged Weapon
Weapon Prof. Damage Range
Any 1d4 5/10

Lamp oil, being similar to vegetable oil, kerosene or diesel, does not burn explosively. It can only be ignited with a proper fuse. Preparing a flask (if not prepared with a fuse ahead of time) requires a standard action. Lighting the flask requires a minor action and must be done in the same turn as throwing the flask (if the flask is not thrown, the fuse will burn out at the end of the round). Alternatively, the flask can be thrown and another character can light the oil using a fire attack against the square.

The fuse for an oil flask requires the same treatment as a torch to make it easy to light.
Each fuse costs 1 sp.

A burning flask of oil will splash in a burst 1 around the square that it hits if the square is empty. The oil will do 1d4 fire damage in the target square and half fire damage (minimum of 1) to the surrounding squares. Any non-minion creature or object in the square takes this damage (minions take no damage from splashed fire but can still be targeted as the primary target of the thrown flask taking 1d4 damage if hit). If the flask is thrown unlit, the damage doesn’t occur until the oil is lit. Creatures have the intervening time to leave the affected area if they choose to do so.

Oil Flasks

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