Bonus Points

Bonus points are an additional +1 that can be used on any die roll.

Earning Bonus Points
Bonus points can be earned in a number of ways (included but not limited to the following):

  • Excellent roleplaying.
  • Awesomely heroic choices (using a Daily is often impressive, but rarely awesomely heroic).
  • Posting an adventure log for a session or making a meaningful comment on Obsidian Portal (only one Bonus Point can be earned between sessions in this fashion).
  • DM’s discretion (often involves the DM laughing).

Using Bonus Points
Bonus points must be used in the session they are earned (or in the first session after a comment is posted on Obsidian Portal). Unused bonus points expire at the end of each session.

Bonus points can only be played by the player who earned them (bonus points are not transferable). If a player is playing more than one character, the bonus points can be used for any of the player’s characters.

Any number of bonus points can be used to modify the value of a single die roll, however bonus points cannot be used to turn a non-crit roll into a crit. Bonus points can be used to increase a death save roll to a value of 20, thereby allowing the character to spend a surge and regain consciousness just as if the player had rolled a 20.

Bonus Points

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