Riding Horses in Combat

Riding Horses in Combat:


  • Monster Manual, Page 159, riding horses will panic and bolt when faced with danger (injured).
  • Rules Compendium, Page 252. Mounts must be willing; a panic-stricken horse is not willing.
  • Rules Compendium Page 149, a Nature check to calm a (wild) animal is a standard action against a hard DC.


An injured riding horse is panic stricken, it will bolt 5 squares, this is forced movement, no opportunity attack. Since it is being ridden, the rider must calm the animal to regain control. This is a Nature Check to calm animal against a moderate DC for the Horses (DC : 12). This is a minor action, not a standard one because the horse is already owned and familiar with the rider. If failed, the horse still panics and bolts again (5 squares, this is forced movement, no opportunity attack).

Attacks made from a panic-stricken horse are -2 due to the horse being uncontrolled and thus the platform is unsteady.

Riding Horses in Combat

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